Computer Games QA Tester

The QA course is designed to appeal to those aspiring to enter the world of computer game testing and quality assurance.

The QA course is not just for pure gaming however. In addition to a love of games, students of the Computer Game QA course will require the extra drive, aptitude and ambition to go beyond just playing; they will need a desire to analyse, deconstruct and improve games across multiple genres and platforms, and display real aspirations to become part of the Games industry.

As part of the learning process students begin the course with an introduction to games using Game Maker Pro. Whilst not an industry tool, Game Maker allows students to develop a base understanding of core game mechanics and the game creation process. From this baseline understanding students will then move into the fundamentals of bug reporting.


Whereas a designer deals in ideas and a programmer in technology, or artist deal with the look and the style of the game, the QA Tester is the one person (or team) who ensures that the game does what it is meant to; be played. This person is the one who ensures that all the various elements, now gathered into one whole, go from A to B without crashing into Z.

To the general public that is all a QA does, play games all day. But wait! There is so much more to a QA Tester. They, or the team, will have to deal with such things as localisation, writing concise bug reports so that the programmers can fix what has gone wrong. Be creative in bringing a game to total destruction on different gaming platforms (and still come up smiling once a design team has finished bashing you around the head with an XBox), know the different tools and methodologies in describing bugs, know what legal issues could arise, etc. They must be creative, skilled, and able to show where a game has gone wrong, with the type of diplomacy that would give WikiLeaks no cause for concern.

Course Structure


If so, then this might be the right career for you. The testing of games and working in the QA department is far, far more than just playing games however. Students on the course are taught each of the steps involved in Quality Assurance, and it’s symbiotic relationship with the rest of the development process. Methodologies, tools, processes and structures are all integral components within the course. The QA course is conceived and taught by industry experienced QA veterans who continue to push the boundaries of computer game development in today’s market. It is presented in a unique format, heavily influenced by gaming technology to aid learning, retention and importantly, add fun to the whole process of gaining these important skills.

Modules within the course range from basic QA through localisation, working with hardware manufacturers, focus group tests, planning test sessions and managing QA teams. Later lessons expand and hone on these skills, demonstrating the students understanding and abilities through a myriad of practical exercises and assignments.

Successful completion of this course will equip students with the knowledge and the skills that today’s games industry demands from its QA specialists, opening up opportunities to work, not just as a Games QA technician, but also within Marketing or Sales as a Games Analyst, a solid foundation in games theory also opens the door to a junior role in Production or Project Management.


Key Objectives

  • To teach current testing and QA methodology using bespoke industry relevant software applications
  • To provide a solid grounding in the world of games testing and QA so that the student is ready to move into the industry and become a QA technician
  • To assist the student in the production of a project portfolio as well as game testing reports and plans
  • To help immerse the student in the games industry network through understanding industry terminology and through Train2Games extensive industry relationships
  • To enrich the student’s knowledge with technical and theoretical lectures from key industry figures
  • To introduce the student to the workflow of games development
  • To help prepare the student for working as a team member in both large and small teams
  • To prepare the student for in-depth development fun and committed study
  • To work with the student in developing career opportunities

Key Features

  • Our courses include specialist games industry, proprietary software applications
  • Our StudentWorld intranet support structure is available 24 hours a day
  • Train2Game has a unique combination of practical and theoretical teaching
  • The courses allow you to progress at your own pace
  • We use leading industry professionals as guest lecturers to make regular web presentations
  • Students do not have to give up their careers whilst learning


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