Games Developer

Games programmers are the core component to all games production. They create the code that form the foundation of all games, and work to interrelate all of the various components; the characters, the environments, the vehicles, etc. into an interactive entertainment product. Train2Games courses will teach you how code is developed and used within the games industry to create the many thousands of games launched each year.

New Modular Structure

Most of our courses feature a flexible module-based structure to enhance your learning. You can select and combine modules to cover the exact mix of skills you wish to develop. Even better, all of the modules from our other modular courses are also available as optional modules for this course, subject to a points allowance and the necessary prerequisites being met.

The main condition is that all the core modules from your ‘main’ course are studied. This will enable you to undertake the final exams for the course. If you wish, you can go on to study any optional modules before or after these exams up to your points allowance for this course (shown clearly in the downloadable plan of the course at the bottom of this page).


Please be aware that your final grade/qualification will in no way be affected by your choice of additional modules; the ‘core’ modules for your own course will be sufficient to allow you to qualify (subject to a final exam).

Any additional modules you study are purely to enhance and maximise your own learning experience and help you pursue your chosen career path.

Games Developer

These courses are aimed at anyone who has a great game idea, but who lacks the opportunity, skills or experience to be able to turn their idea into reality. We are your experts on the ‘inside’ and in unique and interactive ways will help you pick up everything you’ll need to realise your dream. This is a complete system, written by actual game developers, and whilst this course does not require you to have previous programming knowledge you should have an aptitude for mathematics and perhaps physics or computer science. These form the core skills that we will help you develop to become a proficient developer.


Everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics will be covered using the game programming language of choice, C++ (although we will use C++, many of the techniques are ‘good practice’ and will apply equally to ANY languages).

Only very basic computing knowledge is needed; the course is structured so that you can move quickly through the sections you do already understand. Some of the concepts can be picked up more rapidly if you do have prior programming experience, but it is certainly not essential. Rest assured our interactive DVD, combined with the gently increasing pace of the text, will allow you to develop the skills you need at your own pace. The complexity of what can be achieved is limited only by your own abilities.

Even uncomplicated games can provide a compelling ‘proof of concept’ that demonstrate your idea has been well thought through. Game companies often receive game designs in document form (but rarely have time to even read them); prototypes are much more easily reviewed and are therefore highly sought after. Your investment in this course will show you how to convey your ideas to a professional game developer or publisher in ways they will notice.


Course Structure

We all need to learn how to walk before we can run. First we take a look at games using a game-making tool to get us started quickly. After learning valuable gaming techniques, we then move to look at the fundamentals of writing code. By the end of this stage you will have learned enough to write simple programs for yourself. Later lessons hone these vital skills using gaming techniques which you should already be familiar with from the first part.

So, where the first part looks at games and game-making tools, the next part then looks at the fundamentals of programming. Later, we look more closely at 2D game programming before coming right up to date with a thorough look at 3D programming.

We believe one of the best ways to learn programming techniques is by actually writing and debugging code yourself; we actively encourage this and promote it via our DVD. The DVD is packed with numerous examples for you compile and run, as well as everything you’ll need to make several games throughout the course.

So in summary, the course consists of 56 lessons that will take you from the absolute basics of games development through to fully competent 3D games programming.

Key Objectives

  • To teach you current game development processes using bespoke industry relevant software applications
  • To provide a solid grounding in the world of games development so that you are ready to move into the industry and become a Games Developer
  • To assist you in the production of your project portfolio and game development projects
  • To help immerse you in the games industry network through understanding industry terminology and through Train2Games extensive industry relationships
  • To help enrich your knowledge with technical and theoretical lectures from key industry professionals
  • To Introduce you to the work flow of the games development process
  • To help prepare you for working as a “team” member in large scale game production company
  • To prepare you for in-depth fun and committed study
  • Career opportunities

Key Features

  • Our courses include specialist games industry, proprietary software applications.
  • Our StudentWorld intranet support structure is available 24 hours a day.
  • Train2Game has a unique combination of practical and theoretical teaching.
  • The courses allow you to progress at your own pace.
  • We use leading industry professionals as guest lecturers to make regular web presentations.
  • Students do not have to give up their careers whilst learning.


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